Students & Educators
“I am obsessed with my mCAM. OBSESSED!!!! It's the best gift I have ever gotten. I hate carrying my SLR it's big and awkward. My mCAM let's me have my eye for a good shot anywhere, anytime, it's just amazing!!”

Lividoll P.
mCAM user
It’s a multi-media world and today’s students are at the forefront. Record lectures, catch the play by play of your favorite sports team, market campus events, or keep up with your blog on the go, the mCAM will grow with student’s interests. Whether you’re a future doctor or aspiring artist, the mCAM and an iPhone will get you started documenting and sharing your path toward success.


The mCAM allows you to shoot stunning photos and videos and share them with the world faster and better than ever before. The aluminum frame allows for better stability and empowers the user to shoot with confidence. Interchangeable lenses give you more shooting options and the ability to capture breathtaking images that an iPhone alone never would.

What's in the box

• Solid billet aluminum stabilizing housing
• 37mm wide angle lens
• Macro lens
• 180 directional microphone
• Silicone shock absorption case


Industry Accolades

“I always have my mCAMLITE with me. It’s so portable and easy to use for social networking but at the same time, the ability to take it to a professional level separates the mCAM from other similar products.”

Harley “Sauce Boss” Morenstein
Creator of EpicMealTime
“Action Life Media’s mCAMLITE steadies your hand while you’re shooting with the iPhone, almost eliminating the need for a tripod. It’s that good. The icing on the cake is an external wide-angle lens, which opens up the point of view and just looks so cool.”

Jefferson Graham
Host, USA Today’s Talking Tech
Author, Video Nation