“As a working journalist and educator there is only one piece of "essential" equipment that I would honestly recommend to any professional or student journalist looking to do serious visual journalism with their mobile device and it would be the mCAM.”

Richard Koci Hernandez
Asst. Professor for New Journalism
Graduate School of Journalism
UC Berkeley
Newsrooms across the country are thinking mobile first. Made for mobile media, the mCAM is a professional, portable answer for today’s Journalists. Great for capturing news on the spot, the mCAM is the reporter’s assistant for recording news and allows for immediate editing and sharing of high quality correspondence to your audience.

MoJo Reporter Pro Pack

Embracing the needs of the Mobile Journalist (MoJo) ALM introduces you to the ALM MoJo Reporter Pro Pack. ALM Pro Packs combine our popular products to bring you an all in one solution for a variety of needs. The MoJo Pro Pack is a perfect interview kit that packages your choice of mCAM with the RØDE Reporter Handheld Microphone and an ALM 4ft XLR adaptor with audio output. This kit allows for a light, fast set up, while still producing hi-quality footage.

What's in the box

• Solid billet aluminum stabilizing housing
• 37mm wide angle lens
• Macro lens
• 180 directional microphone
• Silicone shock absorption case
• RØDE Reporter Microphone
• 4ft XLR Adapter with Audio Output


Industry Accolades

“I used to travel to conferences with my bulky DSLR camera and lenses because my phone camera wasn’t wide enough to take the full view. With the combination of the new iPhone 4S camera, Camera+ app and mCAMLITE, I no longer need to carry a bulky DSLR camera. mCAMLITE is a MUST HAVE for savvy travelers.”

Syed Balkhi
Awesome Motive
“The mCAM gives journalists the ability to elevate production quality on iPhone video in circumstances ranging from sporting events to crime scenes. Its capabilities for improving audio and video have made it an indispensable tool, and the results are reflected in increasing video quality and viewership.”

Joel Christopher