“Working with the mCAMLITE has allowed filmmakers around the world to capture content professionally and tell their stories effectively with an iPhone.”

Eddie Enciu
Filmmaking on the iPhone and other mobile devices is becoming the latest trend. Whether you are an innovative thinker wanting to film with cutting edge gear, or someone just starting out looking for an entry level way to shoot HD video, the mCAM is pefect for you! The ALM Filmmaker Pro Pack is a great place to get started for your mobile filmmaking needs.

Filmmaker Pro Pack

Embracing the needs of the mobile filmmaker ALM introduces you to the Filmmaker Pro Pack. ALM Pro Packs combine our popular products to bring you an all in one solution for a variety of needs. This pack bundles your choice of mCAM with the RØDE VideoMic Pro and an ALM Microphone Adapter w/ Audio Output. This Mic has been carefully chosen by ALM for this package. Hi-quality audio capturing capabilities matched with a lightweight and compact design make the RØDE VideoMic Pro the perfect choice for the mobile filmmaker.

What's in the box

• Solid billet aluminum stabilizing housing
• 37mm wide angle lens
• Macro lens
• 180 directional microphone
• Silicone shock absorption case
• RØDE VideoMic Pro
• Microphone Adapter with Audio Output


Industry Accolades

“Every iPhone owning filmmaker should stop whatever they’re doing, and check out Action Life Media. Their groundbreaking iPhone camera accessories helped launch a mobile media revolution, and they’ve been innovating ever since.”

Taz Goldstein
Hand Held Hollywood
Author, Filmmaking for the iPad and iPhone
“Action Life Media’s mCAM and mCAMLITE have quite literally revolutionized the way Onion Creek Productions captures video out in the field. The new iPhones have such incredible video quality and resolution, but combined with an mCAM, they’ve become additional camera angles that we now incorporate into every production.”

Aaron Brown
Director, Onion Creek Productions