Frequently Asked Questions
My External Mic is making a crackling/popping noise, how can I get rid of the noise?
The noise interference is coming from radio waves. Simply put your phone in "Airplane Mode" while filming and the noise will disappear.

How do I turn off my iPhone while it is in the mCAM?
To turn your iPhone off without using the power button, you simply need to turn on the "Assistive Touch" feature that is built into your phone. Go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > ACCESSIBILITY > ASSISTIVE TOUCH > and turn it to ON. This will create a floating circle on the screen of your iPhone, you can move it around the screen if it is covering a button you need to access. To turn off your iPhone, just tap the circle then click DEVICE > LOCK SCREEN.

Is there a difference between the mCAM for the iPhone 5/5S and the iPhone 4/4S?
Yes. The iPhone 5 body has a different pocket for the phone and the headphone jack is on the opposite side of the phone.

What is the thread size of the ALM lenses?
The base of all lenses is 37mm. The front thread of the Wide Angle Lens is 49mm, the front thread of the Telephoto Lens is 46mm.

My Wide Angle and Macro Lenses are stuck together, how do I take them apart?
1) First, you want to find a clean, small sized towel. 2) Next, you want to dampen the towel and ring it out to get the excess water out. 3) Then, place the towel in the microwave for approximately 1min 30 seconds. 4) Once the towel is heated, place it over the lens, allowing the heat to apply to the lens for about 45 seconds. 5) Try and take the lens off as you normally would. 6) If this doesn’t work the first time, repeat steps 1-5 again.

Does the mCAM have a shutter button to trigger the shutter without having to touch the screen?
There is not shutter button on the mCAM to trigger the shutter. You can either use the iPhone screen or the volume buttons that are exposed on the outside.

When I take photos under stage lights, it washes out the image. Can the other lenses accommodate a neutral density filter?
You can attach any 49mm filter to the ALM wide angle lens, or any 46mm filter to the ALM telephoto lens. The ALM fisheye lens, however, does not have threads on the front so a screw-on filter will not work.

Can I use my Otter Box Defender case with the mCAM?
The mCAM kit comes with a silicone case that is designed to fit snugly into the aluminum body. Bigger cases, such as the Otter Box, are too large and will not fit the pocket of the mCAM.

How does that EnCinema Adapter affect the image quality when attached to the mCAM?
Please note: This will NOT turn your iphone into a light sensitive DSLR, but it will give you the same dramatic depth of field as a full frame DSLR and fun cinematic images with selective focusing using old and new 35mm/SLR lenses! Because the iPhone 5's and 6's have a larger sensor there is a wider field of view. This means that the edges of the focusing screen stop short of the iPhone camera's field of view causing some vignetting. To work with this you'll need to use the zoom function in the Filmic Pro App and/or push past any vignetting and light fall-off in post editing. Grain and gradual light fall-off is normal and part of the look. The faster the lens aperture (f0.95 to f2.8) and the more light you have, the better the end results. The iPhone EnCinema SLR adapter for mCAM is NOT meant to replace a full-on professional camera with tons of control and features. Also the Canon focusing screens used in the SLR lens adapter are made via a very fine laser etching process that gives it it's projection qualities. With the higher resolution of the iPhone 5 and iPhone6, these fine lines (that look like a fine fingerprint) can be visible in certain lighting conditions. This can not always be avoided and is considered part of the iPhone SLR lens look. It can be lessened with colorgrading and other effects in post, but please know that these faint lines will be visible from time to time.

Can the EnCinema SLR Adapter take both Canon EF lenses and EF-S lenses like the 18-135 or 17-55?
Yes, the EnCinema adapter will accept both EF and EF-S lenses. The EF-S lens can cause a bit of vignette or dark edges since the ground glass within the adapter is slightly larger than the crop sensor that EF-S lenses are made for.

I would like to know more about the mCAM and what the mCAM kit includes.
The mCAM is made out of billet aluminum so it has a little weight to stabilize your shots and protect your phone. The mCAM has three ¼-20 tripod mounting holes on the bottom of the frame so that you don’t have to hand hold all your shots. The tripod holes can be used to add stabilizing grips such as our flash bracket. The mCAM kit includes the mCAM as well as the EnCinema adapter to use with any SLR lenses. If you just use the mCAM by itself, there are other lenses such as the fisheye lens and the telephoto lens. The kit also comes with a directional mic for shooting video and a cold shoe mount that additional accessories such as lights, mics and more can be attached to. Lastly, the kit comes with a silicone case that keeps your phone snugly inside the mCAM.

What is the difference between the mCAM and the mCAM Starter Kit?
The mCAM kit comes with the AmpRidge External Mic, while the Starter Kit does not have a microphone.

What does the Audio Output feature on the adapters do?
The Audio Output feature lets you listen to the playback of your recording. However, with the audio output feature, you won’t be able to listen to the audio while the recording is still in progress.

What is iPhoneography?
iPhoneography is a new movement in which people shoot videos and photos using their iPhones. Action Life Media is always looking to create the next big product in the iPhoneography industry.

What does “depth of field” mean and how do I get my phone to do it?
“Depth of Field” is a photography effect where the subject of the shot is clear while the background is blurry or out of focus. This is a cool technique that is hard to achieve with just the iPhone, however, the EnCinema Adapter allows this to be possible.

What is an SLR lens and can I mount it on my mCAM?
SLR lenses are professional lenses that can only mount to the mCAM with the EnCinema adapter.

What are some apps that can be used with the mCAM?
FiLMiC Pro is a great app for filming video with the mCAM kit. Also MoviePro pairs with the AmpRidge External mic to be able to listen to sound on headphones while recording video.

What is the easiest way to transfer video from my iPhone to my computer?
If you have recorded video in an app like FiLMiC Pro or others, you can quickly and easily transfer your video files to your computer using iTunes. Make sure iTunes file sharing it turned on in the app, then plug your iPhone into your computer, open iTunes, click on your iPhone, click on the apps tab, and download the files.

Why is the mCAM for iPhone better than a point and shoot camera?
Most point and shoot cameras remain on the camera and never get downloaded or seen by anyone. When you use the mCAM for the iPhone, you can share your pictures instantly via Facebook, Twitter and other social media. The fact that most people have their iPhone's on them at all times (and not a point and shoot camera) provides easy accessibility for any picture perfect moment. There are also many apps available for the iPhone that let you edit photos instantly and you don’t have to wait to download the photos on a computer. The average person doesn’t have Photoshop or professional photo editors, so these apps are the best photo editors for them and they are constantly being improved and updated.

Why is the mCAM better than just the iPhone alone?
Stability: The iPhone alone is too light. The mCAM stabilizes photos like a normal camera would. Lens Options: Interchangeable lenses allow you to customize your lens for the specific shot you need. Mounting Options: The mCAM makes it possible to mount your iPhone to a tripod. The mCAM also allows you to mount accessories such as mics, lights, etc. to your iPhone. Mic Options: You can use the 180° directional mic or professional mics to increase sound quality of videos.

Are there any advantages over a DSLR/professional camera?
Portability: The mCAM can be easily mounted to cars, motorcycles, etc. because it is light weight. Price: DSLR lenses and cameras can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

What type of lens comes with the mCAM kit?
The mCAM kit comes with a 37mm wide angle/macro combo lens.

Why are the outside edges of the wide angle/macro combo lens curve images?

It's a slight fisheye effect that comes from the shape of the glass. To be honest this is a characteristic of wide angle lenses in general, so it's not a problem or a defected lens. Make the correction in post via some sort of aspherical correction.

All wide angle lenses will bow outward; some (SLR lenses) will try to correct this effect by straightening the bowing.