What People are Saying
Every iPhone owning filmmaker should stop whatever they’re doing, and check out Action Life Media. Their groundbreaking iPhone camera accessories helped launch a mobile media revolution, and they’ve been innovating ever since.

Taz Goldstein
Hand Held Hollywood
Author, Filmmaking for the iPad and iPhone
Music Video Production
“Working with the mCAMLITE has allowed filmmakers around the world to capture content professionally and tell their stories effectively with an iPhone. It’s a lot of fun working with these devices and it’s made filming with the iPhone, stable and easy!”
—Eddie Enciu, Vid-Atlantic
Film Production
“Action Life Media’s mCAM and mCAMLITE have quite literally revolutionized the way Onion Creek Productions captures video out in the field. The new iPhones have such incredible video quality and resolution, but combined with an mCAM, they’ve become additional camera angles that we now incorporate into every production. These Action Life Media products are durable, look great, and most importantly are functional beyond belief.”
—Aaron Brown, Director, Onion Creek Productions
iPhone Films
“After a lot of research and trial-and-error testing, the mCAMLITE is by far the most functional solution I’ve found for filming with an iPhone. It’s solid, made in the USA, with mounting points that allow lots of different setups depending on your needs, and when you need customer support—you’ll get a real person to actually help you out. There’s really nothing else that comes close.”
—Dan Czerwonka, Professional Actor/iPhone Filmmaker
Action Life Media’s mCAMLITE steadies your hand while you’re shooting with the iPhone, almost eliminating the need for a tripod. It’s that good. The icing on the cake is an external wide-angle lens, which opens up the point of view and just looks so cool.

Jefferson Graham
Host, USA Today’s Talking Tech
Author, Video Nation
“I used to travel to conferences with my bulky DSLR camera and lenses because my phone camera wasn’t wide enough to take the full view. With the combination of the new iPhone 4S camera, Camera+ app and mCAMLITE, I no longer need to carry a bulky DSLR camera. mCAMLITE is a MUST HAVE for savvy travelers.”
—Syed Balkhi, Awesome Motive
Mobile Journalism
“As a working journalist and educator there is only one piece of "essential" equipment that I would honestly recommend to any professional or student journalist looking to do serious visual journalism with their mobile device and it would be the mCAM. The mCAM is a foundational piece of equipment that provides flexibility, protection and expandability, not to mention stability and I recommend it as an essential tool in every mobile journalists' kit.”
—Richard Koci Hernandez, Multimedia Journalist/Assistant Professor for New Journalism at the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley
“Using an iPhone to take photos and video has completely revolutionized the way society collects and shares its media today. The mCAMLITE takes the iPhone to the next level, and with increased stability and lens options it’s the perfect tool for the on-the-go photographer. A commonly used phrase in the photo world is ‘the best camera is the one that’s with you’ and I think that sums up the mCAMLITE and the iPhone pretty well.”
—Lear Miller, Professional Photographer
I always have my mCAMLITE with me. It’s so portable and easy to use for social networking but at the same time, the ability to take it to a professional level separates the mCAM from other similar products.

Harley “Sauce Boss” Morenstein
Creator of EpicMealTime
Media Broadcasting
“With the mCAMLITE I can add my favorite lenses, video light and microphone to my iPhone and get rock-solid or fluid-motion shots (on tripod, jib or Steadicam) and broadcast the footage immediately. ”
—Pete Brown, S.O.C.
The mCAM gives journalists the ability to elevate production quality on iPhone video in circumstances ranging from sporting events to crime scenes. Its capabilities for improving audio and video have made it an indispensable tool, and the results are reflected in increasing video quality and viewership.
—Joel Christopher, Journalist
Customer Service
“I sincerely appreciate the kind offer you have extended to our practice. The way you have taken care of us exemplifies that you truly care about your consumers and take pride in your product and it indeed makes work so much more pleasurable to work with dedicated and caring person like yourself.”
—Dr. Yashu Singh, Sing Orthodontics
Working with you all was an absolute pleasure. Both my friend (who was ‘along for the ride’) and I found your staff to be well informed and friendly to deal with. The lens attachments (particularly the wide-angle and the macro lenses) work perfectly for my applications, allowing me to carry fewer cameras, while still obtaining professional-quality photos.

Leif Erickson
Erickson Eyes
Extreme Sports
“The mCAMLITE is a very useful tool when shooting skateboarding on the fly, the extra weight makes for steady shots in any situation. The wide angle lens kit lets you closer to your subject with great clarity, I’m always on my phone (working) having this unit has helped me not miss a shot, although I have gotten a few strange looks when I’m talking on my wide angle. A must have for any iPhone user.”
—Ray Willis, American Icon
“Action Life Media is the best tool I’ve found as a professional photographer for recording all of my action as I shoot all over the world.  Either handheld or on a tripod it gives me instant ability to record high quality video that I use to market myself in my workshops, weddings, and landscape shooting.  It’s even better than a DSLR for recording because of the auto focus functionality of the iPod or iPhone which is needed when you are recording on your own.  I use it every where I go and can’t recommend it enough.  Buy it today!”
—Jason Lanier, Jason Lanier Photography
I love my iPhone 5 bracket. I have been using it for three weeks and find it is great!
—Merle B.

I am obsessed with my mCAM. OBSESSED!!!! It's the best gift I have ever gotten. I hate carrying my SLR it's big and awkward. My mCAM let's me have my eye for a good shot anywhere, anytime, it's just amazing!!
—LiviDoll P.

Nice!!?My iPhone is DSLR with mCAM!
—Mirr R.

Amazing quality macro shots with my new mCAM! Superb! Never could get this close with the iPhone alone. Love it!
—Aaron E.