mCAM + Apps
THE Filmmaker's App. FiLMiC Pro is a dedicated video camera app for filmmakers, artists and video enthusiasts. This app enables users to take their mobile cinematography to new heights by asserting as much manual control over camera functionality as possible. The advanced video software offered by FiLMiC Pro integrates seamlessly with the mCAM to produce the most professional looking videos ever shot on a phone.
No frills, no filters, and no Facebook: CameraSharp is all about taking the best photo. It's packed the iPhone camera with the advanced features you’ll need to take stunning pictures every time everywhere. CameraSharp offers mCAM friendly features that no other app does like controlling the iPhone shutter with a whistle or a clap.
ProCamera is a great upgrade from the iPhone's default camera app. One of the most valuable features is independent control over the focus and exposure, which allows you to stay focused on your subject matter but still get the perfect light balance based on what is in your field of view. Other great features include: self timer, anti-shake and photo editing capabilities.
MoPho is a fantastic app for printing your mCAM and iPhoneography creations. With a wide range of products the MoPho catalogue has something for everyone, from the casual iPhoneographer to seasoned professionals. Some of the available products include: paper prints, massive canvas prints, iPhone cases, mugs, t-shirts and much more.