Tips For Film Enthusiasts

If you’re interested in increasing the quality of your videos, simply continue reading to discover 5 tips for film enthusiasts.

Tips for film enthusiasts:

1. Consider purchasing a Filmmaker Pro Film Pack

If you’re interested in using your smartphone in order to take high-quality video footage, it may be worth purchasing a Filmmaker Pro Film Pack. Which will allow you to transform your smartphone into a professional camera.

What is included in a Pro Film Pack? Expect to find a wide angle lens, a pro mic and a mic adaptor in a basic Pro Film Pack. It’s well worth investing in purchasing a pro film pack which offers a few different pieces of camera equipment as it’s far more cost effective to purchase a bundle of camera equipment than to purchase each item separately.

2. Consider purchasing camera equipment from a well-established retailer

When it comes to purchasing film equipment, make sure to purchase your camera equipment from a well-established retailer such as Vid Atlantic or Action Life Media. Better yet if you purchase your camera equipment from a trusted retailer which specializes in selling camera equipment, the staff will be able to give you reliable advice on which items will best meet your requirements.

3. Start filming with the camera equipment which you have

Instead of waiting until you have a full set of professional camera equipment, it’s well worth starting off by practicing filming using the camera equipment which you already have. As the more often you practice filming, the quicker your film making skills will increase. Over time, you can then work on purchasing new pieces of camera equipment for your film hobby.

4. Start attending film classes and workshops

Another way to increase your film making skills is to sign up for as many film classes and workshops as you can. Not only will you learn how to use new film shots and film techniques but you also may make friends with individuals who share your interest in film production. Who you’ll be able to collaborate with in order to create fun film projects.

5. Also, make sure to practice your editing skills

As well as spending time practicing your video production skills, it’s also a great idea to spend time practicing your editing skills. As when it comes to producing high-quality videos, it’s important to edit your videos properly instead of rushing your editing.

If you follow the five steps listed above you’ll be able to create even better quality videos in no time at all.

Camera Equipment Advice

If you’re considering purchasing a few brand new pieces of camera equipment but are unsure of what pieces you should select, continue reading to discover a few handy suggestions to contemplate.

Camera equipment advice:

1. Contemplate purchasing a small mic

Instead of relying on your camera’s internal mic to record high quality, accurate sound effects and dialogue, it’s a far smarter idea to purchase a small mic, which will professionally record your desired sound effects as well as any dialogue which you may choose to record.

As the last thing you want to do is record an hour of footage only to find that you can’t hear a single word which was spoken, due to failing to purchase a small mic.

2. Consider purchasing a multicam pack

In order to safely store your favorite camera and your camera related accessories, it’s a cost-effective and wise idea to invest in purchasing a multicam pack. Which will feature plenty of room to store two cameras as well as all of your SD cards, chargers and cables. So if you struggle to fit all of your camera equipment in a single bag, you may have found the answer to your problems.

3. Make sure to choose a camera which has a mic media porthole

One feature which is worth hunting for when you’re in the market for a new camera is a mic media porthole. As there’s no point purchasing a camera which won’t allow you to attach an external microphone. As without using an external microphone, you won’t be able to record high-quality audio to enhance your videos.

4. Try to purchase an alm pro or an alm camlite

If you’d like to be able to use your smartphone’s camera like a traditional camera, simply purchase an alm pro or an alm camlite, which will turn your once standard smartphone camera into an alm camera. Which will be far more practical to use. Especially when it comes to pointing and shooting your smartphone camera. As an alm camera works like a traditional camera.

As an example, when it comes time to shoot a photo, you’ll be able to press a button on the top of your alm camera case. Instead of trying to press your smart phone’s screen in order to take a photo.

So if you’re in the market for new camera equipment, hopefully, you find the handy information listed above valuable, when it comes to placing items in your cart.

How To Use Camera and Video Camera Equipment

If you’re interested in photography or filmmaking, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover how to use a few different types of camera and video camera equipment, to produce high-quality results.

How to use camera and video camera equipment to achieve high-quality results:

1. If you’re passionate about film making have a go at using an action dolly

If you’ve never heard of the term action dolly, it refers to a four-wheel film dolly, which usually boasts a bungee cam attachment, a tripod holder and a steady cam post.

While it’s unusual to see amateur filmmakers use an action dolly, they are frequently used by most high profile TV studios and film studios. Although as action dollys are more affordable than they used to be, it’s slowly becoming more commonplace more amateur video producers to purchase their own action dollys.

What are some of the uses of an action dolly? An action dolly’s steady cam post is usually used to shoot low camera angles. Such as shots of an individual’s lower legs walking down the street or of an animal’s point of view as it looks up at a human whose walking past.

2. Make sure to use the right lens for the footage which you plan on shooting

Instead of using the same lens to shoot different types of footage, you’ll be able to shoot a far higher quality of video if you get into the habit of swapping out your camera’s lenses. In order to be able to show different camera angles and viewpoints more effectively.

As an example, if you plan on shooting a wide angle shot, it’s well worth placing a 37mm wide angle lens onto your chosen camera. Which will allow you to capture video footage which boasts plenty of depth. Remember, that if you’re ever in doubt, you can never go wrong opting for a 37mm lens if you plan on shooting wide angle shots.

Just remember that if you want to follow up filming a wide angle shot with a close-up shot, that you’ll need to take off your wide angle lens in favor of putting a more appropriate lens on your camera. As it’s lazy and ineffective to try and get away with using the wrong lens on your camera for a shot.

Hopefully, after reading the two tips listed above, you now feel more confident about using camera and video camera equipment!

Tech Tips For Recording High Quality Videos Using an iPhone or iPod

If you find recording videos on your iPhone or iPod enjoyable but would love to up the production level of the videos which you produce, simply continue reading to discover a few tips and tricks which you may not have considered. As contrary to popular belief you don’t have to purchase an expensive camera in order to produce amazing videos.

Tech tips for recording high-quality videos using an iPhone or iPod:

1. Consider using an iPod stabilizer or an iPhone stabilizer

What does an iPod stabilizer or an iPhone stabilizer do? iPod and iPhone stabilizers are small handheld devices, which you hold in one hand in order to stabilize your electronic device. So that you’ll be able to take steady videos, instead of shaky videos which remind you of “The Blair Witch Project” or which give you a headache.

One reason why stabilizers are becoming increasingly more commonplace is that while it may be relatively simple to take stable footage when you’re standing in one place or have your electronic device on a stable tripod, it’s nearly impossible to take stable video footage when you’re walking or driving and are on the move.

So if you enjoy creating vlog style videos of your daily life, it’s well worth purchasing a small, lightweight stabilizer which you’ll be able to use to keep your video footage steady.

2. Consider using Pocket Studio iPhone to create high-quality videos

Another way to ensure that you create high-quality iPhone or iPod videos is to use Pocket Studio iPhone to give your videos a professional polish. As an example, you’ll be able to use it to place sound clips into your video or to make your video’s audio crisper and clearer.

If you have a favorite song, that you’d like to use in one of your homemade videos, you’ll also be able to place your favorite song in one of your upcoming videos. Which will be sure to impress your friends and family members.

3. Opt to shoot your videos in high definition

If you have a recently released iPhone, you’ll be able to shoot your videos in high definition. Which is fantastic as it means that even if you play your videos on your smart TV or laptop your videos will still look top notch, instead of blurry and grainy.

So if one of your current goals is to successfully use your iPhone or iPod to shoot quality videos, it’s well worth taking the 3 tips listed above to heart.

Smartphone Photography Equipment To Add To Your Shopping List

If you’re shopping around for smartphone photography equipment to add to your shopping list, you’ve come to the right place!

To discover a few pieces of equipment which you’ll fall in love with, simply continue reading to discover a short shopping list of highly recommended smartphone photography accessories.

Smartphone photography equipment to add to your shopping list:

1. A wide angle macro lens

No matter how hard prominent smartphone companies such as Apple and Samsung try to convince smartphone users that their smartphones boast high-quality lens, the simple fact of the matter is that if you want to take professional grade photos using a smartphone, you have to invest in purchasing a better quality lens.

If you’re looking to purchase your first external lens for your smartphone, it’s well worth opting for a wide-angle macro lens. Which will allow you to take beautiful wide-angle photos which will offer far more depth than a traditional photo taken with a stock standard smartphone lens.

If you want to take photos of flora and fauna, you can’t go wrong opting to take close up photos with an attachable wide angle macro lens.

2. A flask bracket

If you’re wondering what a flash bracket is, the term flash bracket refers to an external flash which you can attach to your smartphone in order to take better quality photos. As often it’s hard to take clearly lit photos using a smartphone.

Better yet a flash bracket sits quite high above your smartphone camera lens, which ensures that your flash is at an optimal distance from your smartphone’s lens.

So if you want to be able to take well lit photos, no matter what the lighting conditions are like, it’s well worth packing a small, inexpensive flash bracket in your camera bag.

3. A microphone adapter

While a microphone adapter isn’t needed to take great photos if you want to be able to record high-quality audio, when you film videos on your smartphone, you’ll need a microphone adapter. To ensure that you’re able to record high-quality order that will do your videos justice.

So if you’re not impressed by the sound quality of the videos which you’ve recorded on your smartphone, it’s well worth adding a microphone adapter to your smartphone photography equipment shopping list!

So what are you waiting for, if you want to be able to take better photos using your smartphone, make sure to add the three items listed above to your shopping list.

Tips On Purchasing Camera Equipment For Your Smart Phone

If you could do with a bit of helpful advice on purchasing camera equipment for your smartphone, simply continue reading to discover a few handy tips to select the right products to take stunning, high-quality photographs. All without an expensive, bulky SLR camera.

Tips on purchasing camera equipment for your smartphone:

1. Make sure to invest in a camera enhancer

As a traditional smartphone will feature limited lens and software specs, it’s a great idea to invest in purchasing a camera enhancer. Which will instantly allow you to take photos with higher specs, than if you were to take photos on your phone, without a camera enhancer.

By using a top camera enhancer you’ll also be able to zoom in to take magnified photos that are clearer than the close-up photos that you’d usually be able to take on a standard smartphone.

Alternatively, you’ll also be able to take professional looking wide angle shots, that will instantly up your photography game!

2. Think about purchasing an encinema SLR lens adapter

If you’re passionate about mobile photography and take photos on your phone on a daily basis, you may also want to consider investing in purchasing an encinema SL lens adapter. Which is ideal for amateur photographers who wish they could afford to purchase an SLR camera and are interested in giving their smartphone an SLR quality lens.

Once you fit your new encinema SLR lens adapter to your smart phone, you’ll be able to shoot SLR quality photos using your smartphone. Which will instantly impress your friends and family members! Many of whom will assume that you’ve taken the photos which you took using your new SLR lens adapter, with a traditional digital SLR camera.

3. Purchase an adjustable, high-quality tripod to balance your smartphone on

If you want to take perfectly straight, level photos, it’s well worth splashing out on purchasing a high-quality tripod to place your smartphone on. After all, if you’re going to go to the trouble of purchasing excellent mobile photography equipment such as an SLR lens adapter, it’s well worth going all out to purchase a fully adjustable tripod.

If you’re looking for a portable tripod, you can even shop around for a mini tripod which will actually be ideally suited to smartphone photography.

Hopefully, you’ve found at least one smartphone photography accessory which you’re interested in purchasing, in order to take your mobile photography to the next level.

Photography Gadgets To Purchase For Your iPhone

If you want to take higher quality photos and video on your iPhone, continue reading to discover a few clever tech gadgets which you may want to consider purchasing!

Photography gadgets to purchase for your iPhone:

1. An iPhone shotgun wireless Bluetooth microphone for iPhone

If you love taking videos on your iPhone but find that your iPhone’s built-in microphone doesn’t record high-quality sound, it’s well worth purchasing the iPhone shotgun wireless microphone for your iPhone. As when you play back the new videos which you record with an iPhone shotgun you’ll immediately notice the difference in sound quality.

So if you hate watching travel vlogs where you can’t hear what you’re saying clearly or if you enjoy shooting your own mini movies and require a certain level of sound quality, you’ll love being able to work with an iPhone shotgun. Your only issue is that you’ll wish that you had purchased your first iPhone shotgun years ago.

2. An iPhone camera enhancer

You may be wondering what an iPhone camera enhancer is. Simply put an iPhone camera enhancer turns your standard iPhone which takes average quality photos into a high-quality camera which functions more like a top of the line, digital SLR camera.

Once you place your new camera enhancer onto your standard iPhone you’ll be able to take wide angled shots and close up shots within a few seconds.

As an added bonus, most camera enhancer’s feature a shutter release button, which you’ll notice on the top of your camera enhancer, which will allow you to shoot photos or video, without having to touch your iPhone’s screen. Which should transform the way that you shoot videos and photos on your iPhone forever.

3. An iPhone remote

An iPhone remote is useful if you want to be able to pose for photos without taking a selfie. Simply get into position for your photo and click your iPhone remote discreetly in your hand, in order to take the perfect photo at the opportune time.

So if you are sick to death of selfies and would rather take proper photos with your friends and family members it’s definitely well worth purchasing an inexpensive iPhone remote. In order to make taking photos on your iPhone a breeze.

So if you’re passionate about taking high-quality photos and video and photos on your iPhone it’s well worth trying to pick up all three of the photography related iPhone gadgets listed above.

Fuss-Free Home and Garden Tips

To discover a few clever, fuss-free home and garden tips, make sure to continue reading.

Fuss-free home and garden tips:

1. Build a climbing structure for vine based plants, using old PVC pipes

If you’re considering planting vine based plants such as tomato plants or strawberry plants, you may want to consider building a climbing structure for your vine based plants, using old, unwanted PVC pipes.

2. Place plants which repel insects such as mosquitos on your deck

If you often spend time socializing out on your property’s deck by are often plagued by pesky insects such as mosquitos, simply pot plants which are known to repel insects. Some examples of which include catnip, lemongrass, lemon thyme, and citronella geranium.

3. Use coffee pods to grow new seedlings

If you are lucky enough to own a coffee machine which uses pods to create individual cups of coffee, it’s a great idea to use the plastic coffee pods which you’d usually throw out to grow new seedlings in.

4. Use old yogurt containers to grow seedlings

Alternatively, you can also use empty, washed out yogurt container to grow your seedlings in.

5. Paint your light switches with clear, glow in the dark paint

If you find it hard to find your light switches at night and are sick of fumbling around in the dark, it’s a good idea to paint your light switches with a glow in the dark paint. Which won’t affect the color of your light switches during the day.

6. Place thin rubber mats under your seat covers

If you don’t want the cushions on your seats such as dining room chairs to move, simply place thin rubber mats under seat covers in order to ensure that your cushions stay in position.

7. Use bread tabs as cord markers

If you’re often confused when you try to tell cords apart, try placing bread tabs, which display the expiry date of your loaves of bread onto each of your cords. Make sure to use a thin-tipped marker pen to write names on each of your new cord markers.

8. Use a repurposed two-liter soda bottle as a plastic bag dispenser

Turn a two-liter soda bottle upside down and cut a hole at the bottom of your soda bottle in order to use it as a makeshift plastic bag dispenser.

So there you have it, eight fuss-free home and garden tips to try out. That you may want to share with friends and family members.

Smart Business Tips

If you’re continually on the search for smart business tips, which will help your business flourish, simply continue reading to discover a few new business tips to test out!

Smart business tips:

1. Keep up to date with your competitors’ progress

By following your competitors’ progress, you’ll be able to learn from your competitors’ mistakes and successes.

2. Listen to your customers

Instead of assuming that you know what your customers want, make sure to avidly listen to your customers wants and needs. As customers tend to be a pretty vocal bunch and will be more than willing to provide your business with valuable feedback.

3. Provide exceptional value

The simplest way to convince customers to keep doing business with your company is to aim to provide exceptional value and to give your customers more value than they expect for their money.

4. Lead by example

If you want your employees to be diligent and hard working, make sure that you are diligent and hardworking as employees often copy the behavior of the owner of their company.

5. Make sure to train your employees well so that they will work to the best of their ability

Don’t be afraid to spend money on training opportunities and programs for your staff members as if you provide your employees with adequate training they’ll be less likely to make unnecessary mistakes and will provide your business with great value for years to come.

Also be sure to provide leadership training programs for individuals who exhibit exemplary natural leadership traits and skills.

6. Make sure to hire a trusted accountant to prepare your taxes for you

If you are caught not paying the right amount of tax, you may be charged with a serious criminal conviction. So make sure to hire a professional account to prepare your taxes for you. As business accountants usually have a better understanding of changing business taxation laws than your average business owner.

7. Always make ethical decisions

An upstanding business owner will always make sure to make ethical, moral choices. So it’s well worth fighting the temptation to make unethical business decisions. One added benefit to making ethical, moral decisions is that your customer’s opinion of your business will increase as a result and you won’t run the risk of losing your hard earned customers over an immoral decision.

8. Make sure not to work yourself too hard

Don’t work yourself to the bone as business owners need to remain healthy in order to effectively run their businesses.

If you implement the 8 simple business tips listed above, your business is sure to reap the rewards!

Travel Tips For Everyone

If you’re looking for useful travel tips, which are suitable for all travelers, you’ve come to the right place!

6 Travel tips for everyone:

1. Wear sunscreen every day

In some parts of the world, even if it’s not hot or sunny, you may get burnt. So it’s a great idea to get into the habit of applying sunscreen on a daily basis when you travel.

Also, make sure to apply sunscreen if you embark on a ski trip as sunlight reflecting off snow can actually cause sunburn.

2. Pack earplugs and a sleep mask every time you travel

Earplugs are essential if you want to sleep on a plane, train or bus. Or end up sleeping in a hotel which is located in a noisy part of town. While a sleep mask is also handy if you want to enjoy quality sleep on your long haul flights.

3. Travel with more than one debit card or credit card

In the event that one of your banks puts a block on your debit card or credit card, thinking that your card was stolen and used overseas, it’s a great idea to travel with more than one debit or credit card. So that you’ll never be caught without a form of payment, whilst you’re traveling abroad!

4. Carry emergency cash in your daypack

It’s well worth carrying a bit of spare local cash in your daypack, in the event of an emergency or if you want to eat or shop at an establishment which doesn’t offer credit card facilities. As electronic forms of payments are not as readily used in remote parts of the world, where cash is definitely still king.

5. Keep your cool, when things don’t go to plan

As not everything will go to plan, when you travel, remember to keep your cool and to remember that the little misadventures which you’ll face are part of travel and will make great stories when you get home.

6. Make sure to make a note of the address of your accommodation, when you travel

When you enter a new country you may need to write down the address of your intended accommodation on your arrival card. So it pays to make sure to jot down the address of your accommodation, in full, on a piece of paper or on a note on your phone.

So if you’re an avid traveler, it’s well worth trying to remember all six travel tips listed above.